Hey there! I'm


a web developer with writing chops and an eye for design.


Before web development, my professional life had been an amalgam of side gigs. I wrote about Halloween costumes, waxed poetic about Hearthstone — even detoured to law school.

When I learned Javascript, I knew I had found a professional spark. Coding challenged me to solve real-world problems, scratched my creative itch, and empowered me to learn constantly.

I'm currently tinkering with Javascript frameworks like React and Svelte, and CSS frameworks like Tailwind via The Odin Project. I'm also striving to become part of a team that's doing interesting work.

Cutting-edge tech stack? I'll learn it. Writing clear, thoughtful documentation? I'd love to. Cross-department technical communication? I'm your guy.

In the meantime, if you need me, I'll be off building something. (Good odds I could be playing chess, cooking tacos, or managing a fantasy sports team, too.)


Medium Blog Project Gif
NextJS Typescript Tailwind Sanity logo

Medium blogging platform clone using NextJS for server-side rendering and incremental static regeneration, Tailwind for mobile-first responsive design, Sanity for content management, and Typescript to make our code robust.

Svelte Pokedex project gif
Svelte Tailwind

PokeAPI data organized in a beautiful, component-based UI. Light/Dark mode toggle. Sleek animations. Built with SvelteKit and designed with Tailwind CSS.

travel-companion project gif
Material UI logo

Travel companion app that displays nearby restaurants, hotels, and attractions using the Google Maps, Travel Advisor Places, and Geolocation APIs.

Jamf landing page project gif
Tailwind CSS logo

Responsive, mobile-first mock landing page for Jamf, a Minneapolis tech business. Sleek hamburger menu animated via Javascript.

university wordpress template gif

Built-from-scratch university Wordpress template using advanced custom fields, live search, custom REST API, and CRUD features.

Let's work together

Need someone who can code and collaborate with your team? I'm ready.